Roaming charges while in Cuba

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Hi, I will be going to Cuba soon and have bought a travel add-on of data to use while there. Since my phone will need to be off airplane mode to use the data, can someone tell me if there will be roaming charges while in Cuba? If so, how do I set up my phone to use the date and also prevent the roaming charges? Thanks!

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    Hi @Photojo

    You will using only the data using the addon, with Fizz you will not be charged since it is a prepaid service,

    Therefore, don't worry keep on and enable the data roaming.

    If you receive a call you will not be able to answer, since you cannot answer, the incoming SMS are free. In Europe when I receive a call, my phone is ringing, but I cannot answer, this for me is good in this way I know is calling without the need of the voicemail.


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    Thanks Jess!

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    Use your add-on (enable data roaming) only when wi-fi is not available.

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    Thanks Swatt, that is a good way to function !

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    Hello Photojo,

    As our members said, since Fizz is a prepaid provider there cannot be extra charges. Your mobile data will work in Cuba as long as you have mobile data from the travel add-on (or funds in your wallet) When they will be used, the mobile data won’t work anymore and you will have to purchase again.

    Just make sure you enable the roaming option once you are there and in case the network selected automatically by the phone won’t work properly, make sure you verify the APN settings and try to manually connect to another available networks.
    You can find more information about this 2 manipulations from the FAQ:
    From the same FAQ you can contact us in private if you have other questions.

    I wish you a great day,

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