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Going back in the browser to the previous page during the gifting process flow can confuse the gifting system.

Accounts which have a data plan can appear to not have a data plan and therefor be ungiftable-to, forcing the use to start the process from the beginning as a workaround to this bug.

Not a big deal, the vanilla use case for data gifting is rock solid. I made a dozen donations today with no issue until I tried changing my mind about which account to donate to partway.

Suggest further testing of the gifting system in the future before westerners start using these pages. I heard they are very generous based on how many horn honks we got gifted with in Ottawa last February

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    First, your experience with the generosity in Ottawa is heartening. It's great to see a community of users actively engaging in gifting and supporting each other.

    Here are some suggestions based on previous chat discussions:

    1. Browser Navigation Impact: When you go back a page in the browser during the gifting process, it seems to occasionally confuse the system. This can result in accounts with data plans appearing as if they don’t have one, thus making them ineligible for receiving gifts.
    2. Starting Over as a Workaround: The workaround, as you've also experienced, is to start the gifting process from the beginning. While it's a bit inconvenient, it usually resolves the issue.

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