No rebates on 256GB phones

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I've seen that now there are the Black Friday rebates on phones, and they are great. Like a Pixel 8 from 949$ to 600$ is perfect.

However, the rebates are only on the 128GB models, the 256GB are at their stock price, like the Pixel 8 256GB at 1049$ instead of having a similar rebate to out it around 700$.

Why is it that way? Is it just a mistake from Fizz and there will be rebates on the 256GB model? My main reason for changing phone is that 128GB is not enough for me anymore, even with a Google One Subscription to offload pictures. So I would like to see those rebates in the 256GB models too.

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    Hi @cityle

    I cannot speak for Fizz, but probably they got a good price for certain phone from google

    However, if you really want the 256Gb check every day probably they will lower the price when they will not have the 128Gb available


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