Just some feedback about bad support that cost me money

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Support told me to order a sim card and it turns out I didn't need one.

Here's my story:
I was happily on 3g when Fizz started sending emails telling me to get a new sim card. It was FREE they said. So I signed up and they sent me the sim card. Put it in my phone, got a text saying I didn't need activation so that was that, threw everything away and was on my merry way. Now this is a burner phone so I don't use it often.

Sometime along the way I guess the 3g was turned off and 4g didn't work, no signal. I logged on and figured out I needed to activate the sim card.. but I had thrown the package away. No problem according to the website knowledge base, just contact support and they will find and give you the code.

Support comes online and tells me he can't do anything, my sim isn't activated and the ONLY WAY is to order a new sim. Super annoyed but I ended up ordering a new sim and activated it.

Here's the PROBLEM.
-when you get a new SIM, the activation code is ALSO ON THE SIM CARD! Why didn't he just say to pull out the SIM and look at the code???
-15$ wasted
-I keep getting emails from Fizz saying I haven't completed my activation (probably wondering why the free one they sent wasn't activated)

TODAY I got another package from Fizz.. and guess what? Another FREE sim card. Just wasted all that time and money only for them to send another free one anyway and the customer support guy could just have told me to look at the back of my original sim.

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    Hello Fuzzkil,
    I am sorry for the situation encountered,
    I have verified your account and I can see that you ordered the free SIM card on the 18th of July. The delivery time for a free SIM can go up to 2 weeks as those are delivered by a different company that handles only the delivery of the Free sim cards.

    In regards to the SIM card swap, the SIM activation can be done by you from your Fizz account if you follow the steps that come with the SIM. When the SIM is changed, the older sim card you had is deactivated and you receive an email that that the SIM was changed as well.

    From our end, we do not have access to the details of SIM card you receive, the code is written on the package and on the SIM card you insert in the phone.

    In regards to your comment "Put it in my phone, got a text saying I didn't need activation so that was that, threw everything away and was on my merry way." the email that you received was to inform you that the SIM activation is not finished and provided you with a link where you can activate it. 

    Right now, I can see that you have changed the SIM on the 10th of October and your services are working correctly. 

    For the money you spent on the SIM card you bought, please contact us in private in order to help you with this situation.
    You can go to this link to reach out to us in private: https://fizz.ca/en/support

    Thank you for your time and patience!
    Have a good day!

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