Bought add-on and can't receive calls. Not the inly one

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Hi, a Fizz admin said that my add-on doesn't work because I am in Qc coverage?? I can make calls but not receive any and Fizz is supposed to work in Quebec as it always did. I live in Montreal. Did all steps:

restarted phone

checked cellular network

Chevked DND status

Sim in and out

Tirned Airplane and cell signal on and off

Tried with another phone and still doesn't work

I see the same issue with other people on the Forum.

What will Fizz do about this? I asked for a reimbursement and didn't get any. They said they chefked my account and the issue is resolved which is NoT


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    Are you in Montreal when do you have the problem?

    Are you using Fizz or Fizz Ext?

    Did you try to enable the data roaming?

    Can you try the SIM in a different phone?

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    thanks for ur help everyone. Fizz wasn't helpful

  • Whizz
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    Hello Clint2022,
    I’m sorry for the situation you have encountered.
    I have verified your Fizz member account and I can see that one of my colleagues already escalated a ticket to our technical team regarding your situation. You can see the ticket in your Fizz member account > My settings > My tickets.
    As soon as the situation is solved, you will receive an e-mail with the ticket's details.
    I hope you have a pleasant day!

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