My payment was declined.

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I bought the SIM card at vending machine and I want to activate it. I have tried to add my MasterCard debit (the one I use to buy SIM card), my visa credit and my friend's Mastercard debit as a payment method. Both of them result in "Your payment was declined." I have already contacted customer service yesterday and he said it should be forwarded to the Finance Department. I want to activate my sim card right now as my last card is expired. It's urgent as it's inconvenient to live without the internet. There are still no responses until now. I am really disappointed with Fizz.


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    @Whizz could you please help?

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    You can try to use a vanilla credit card for this month waiting to solve your problem (Only one-off payments are accepted with Vanilla prepaid cards)


    You can buy a vanilla credit card from a pharmacy for example

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    Hello Vanessa38507,
    I am sorry for the situation encountered,
    I kindly inform you that you can add and make payments only with a payment method from a Canadian bank.
    Foreign payment methods are not accepted by our system.
    You can see that information here:
    I can see in the conversations you had with us that you want to use a foreign payment method and that is why you cannot activate the plan. 
    If you add a payment method from a Canadian bank, that should work. Make sure that you add the address 100% identical with the address that is visible on the bank statement. You should copy and paste the address from there to the website.

    Thank you for your understanding!
    Have a good day!

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    I know some companies have had problems with their Moneris system this week. This may still be the case for Fizz

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    Maybe try ordering a sim directly from fizz

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