How do you restore the previous perk gifting functionality?

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I have two Fizz accounts, one for Mobile and one for Internet. The initial reasons made sense then, less sense now, but Fizz does not allow accounts to be merged so they remain separate.

Here are some of the perks in my Internet account:

There is lots of data. 5x1GB plus several 'Unlimited data for 24 hours' perks. In the past, I could simply gift these 1GB data perks to myself. Now, gifting is blocked. I wouldn't care if these perks also appeared on my Mobile account, but they don't. Instead, I get a perk for a free month of Internet, which I also can't gift. So the only perks that I get on each account only apply on the other.

As a long time Fizz customer, I find their perks increasingly frustrating, even to the point of considering leaving the service. They keep dangling carrots in front of my face that I can never reach. Their attempts at increasing share of wallet are in fact decreasing brand value. If you could read the blurred image, you'd see 32 referrals on my account. But I haven't recommended Fizz to anyone in close to a year.

Q: How do we get back to the ability to share perks?

Q: Alternately, how do we get the ability to merge accounts?

Somehow I feel that if I merged these accounts, I'd then get no perks. The longer you are a subscriber, the less you seem to get. 'Never give bait to a fish that's caught' seems to be the motto.


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    q1) Some perks are giftable some no, free 24 hours are not giftable

    q2) You cannot

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    'q1) Some perks are giftable some no,' but the 1GB Perks were giftable for the last two years and now not.

    I understand their motivation, to get people to buy more services. But someone in the marketing department is completely missing the reality that they are also frustrating their current customers, who receive these perks but can not use them. Is it time to use the customer disloyalty incentive program? Bell has bidirectional gigabit speeds for almost the same money. Correction: 20$ more for ~10X the speed.

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    Hello @Jacques_Assert,

    Thank you for describing your situation to us.

    The perks you receive through the "My rewards program" are provided over-time by our dedicated department and while you level up the accounts. The reason why you receive perks for a mobile plan while you have a Home Internet plan in your Fizz member account is that our dedicated team tries to encourage our customers to also get a mobile plan on that account.

    As I can see, you created a new Fizz member account in order to receive a referral for the mobile plan created on it so that your both accounts (the Home Internet plan linked with your first account and the Mobile plan created afterwards) will benefit from the referral program.

    We do understand this situation, however, we are sending also perks and upgrades for the plans that are linked with your account. Of course, we send mobile perks to the clients that have Home Internet plans linked with their accounts in order to encourage them to purchase a mobile plan with us too, however, it is currently not possible to merge two Fizz member accounts or to transfer a plan from one account to the other (you can see more details regarding this here:

    I hope you have a pleasant day and thank you for your understanding.


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