Changed plan bug?

In my fist post, I explained that I used to pay for a 18 Gb plan and changed it for a 40 Gb plan, yet it got back to 18 Gb without knowing it. The admin says that I paid for the 18 Gb plan yet I dont understand why I was having 40 Gb of data usage in the last months..? Then, is the 18 Gb plan the same price as the 40 Gb plan? Because I changed it back in case it was a bug yet it costs the same price I've been paying for months for what I thought was a 40 Gb plan. I'm really sure I made changes for the 40 Gb plan and I've been charged 47,67$ since april. This is what the 40 Gb also costs so I really don't understand. Thank you so much for your help.


  • Jess_i88b6
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    Hi @AmberEclipse

    Every time you change the plan, you must receive an email informing you of the changes

    Regarding why you were able to use 40Gb, probably was due to the data rollover?

    But I believe that a @Whizz can answer with a better knowledge of your status

  • snow_code_ROZ9N
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    I changed my plan this month. I did have some notifications in the email and SMS.