Hello! All payments being declined to activate new SIM card.

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I have tried from my partners Koho account, my Koho account, our joint account, his CIBC and Capital one card. That's 5 accounts and all payments are being declined. The support is not being much help, we've had our ticket open for a few days now and I've contacted Fizz a few times. The banks say it's a problem on Fizz's end. I need to activate my SIM card before September 4th as my current phone plan finishes that day and I have things to take care of ASAP and need this new number. I fear that my wifi will be suspended in 5 days as well because all cards keep being declined. Please, if anyone has any ideas? Wishing you a good day.


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    Very weird since many people use Koho. Already had a situation where Fizz was saying it was the bank's fault, but the bank said Fizz never even tried to take a payment. Had to raise complaint to get it fixed!

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    Hello @nadia_satar,

    I'm sorry for the situation you have encountered.

    I have verified your Fizz member account and I can see that one of my colleagues already reached you through the created ticket to our technical team regarding this.

    Please verify your e-mail inbox and we can continue our discussion in private.

    I hope you have a pleasant day!


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