I have 2 phone numbers

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I want to give data to my other phone number under the same account, why can’t I?


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    You can do that only by specifying the phone number. If someone will send you data by your referral code it will go to your first activated phone number in your plan. For now it's like this, maybe it will be changed in the future.

    I have asked for this feature to be added in this post:


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    Hello Joia,
    Thank you for reaching out,
    You are able to send data between the 2 numbers on your account, however you need to use the phone number option. The email or referral code won't work. 

    Also, you are able to send data only from your base plan. It is displayed in your account, under "My plans" > "Usage" as  Monthly plan. 
    if you do not have data there, then you will not be able to send data as gifts. 
    You can see the details on this FAQ, point 2: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/what-is-data-gifting-and-how-does-it-work
    Thank you for your understanding!
    I wish you a good day!

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    How were you trying to do it

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