Refund charges for not delivered sim card

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After ordering the sim card I have received an email to wait for the SIM (order id 7157462784 and on my Visa account show a payment to FIZZ for $17,25 - Since 6 Aug try to find out anything about my order but... because didnt have an account cant access ANY DELIVERY company or any Fizz rep to help me, just seen on forum that ONLY after buy a new sim card, you activate it, got your account set up and AFTER you ask for the refund. THAT IS WHAT IVE DONE TODAY... So please refund the above order that WAS NEVER DELIVERED (any delivery company can call/text about the delivery... NEVER GOT ANYTHING and NOTHING WAS TAPED on my door or any other place of the building EVEN if delivery company REPORTED delivered on 3rd of Aug...) So please reverse the charge of 2 Aug for $17,25 AND see attached the proof of Today purchase of SIM card.


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