Understanding VoLTE and its implications.



  • Vanni
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    I tried to make VoLTE work on my OnePlus. I could get the option available in the setting menu without rooting the phone, but I couldn't modify the parameters needed to get VoLTE to actually work, I guess I would have had to root the phone.

    I think it's disgraceful that nothing has been done to make it easier, but I guess it would take some time before the issue gets in front of a Competition Authority. It's a major obstacle to changing carrier and/or phone, therefore it reduces competition and reduces choice for consumers.

  • Vanni
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    Not all phones have the same operating system. I guess with time standardization will be introduced (or imposed), but for now we have this big hot mess.

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    Thank you for the explanation
  • jiyingss
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    Sounds good! Thanks.

  • jiyingss
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    Still no working for me . New lighting bolt SIM card. Dont know how to set up th phone . Signal shows H+, NOT 4G

  • Claude J. #27154
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    I just ordered mine but it says thay the antenna in my region is not updated, we'll see if it still work

  • zipilgrim
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    SIMs that support LTE also support 3G, so if your antenna is still not updated you'll be fine, everything will still work in 3G. I seriously doubt that Canada will completely move over and stop 3G while some regions still have 3G-only antennae, so you should have no problem either way.

  • outfizz
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    :( seems like being early to a new flagship has problems. My phone is not on the list but past generations are.
  • Kyle C. #853
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    I've watched VOLTE get deployed at other carriers and Fizz is following the same pattern.

    They will only ever certify phones that they sell. Oneplus, Xiaomi, Huawei etc... those phones will never be certified.

    I don't know if the certification process involves formally whitelisting individual models or if it's certain specifications that are needed but I suspect things will go like this:

    A Oneplus phone might work on the Fizz VOLTE, but it will be purely an accident.

    As Fizz sells new phones, those new phones will be added to the certified list.

    As far as I can tell, only 1 nationwide carrier openly allows devices onto its VOLTE network. I think it's Bell but I could be wrong.

    This is a Canada-wide mobile industry problem. Almost no other country lets its mobile carrier get away with this.

  • Louis T. 55987
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    I am planning to buy a doogee V 30 rugged phone and I was wondering if it is compatible with FIZZ. Or maybe suggesting similar phone that I could purchased.


  • Kyle C. #853
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    You would have to google the "doogee V 30" bands and then google Videotron/Fizz's bands and compare.

    My guesstimate is that you'll at least get voice text and data (not sure if LTE or HSPA).

    If you get VOLTE it will only be by accident as that is not a list on Fizz's Volte certified device list:.


  • FizzyFizz JQMPM
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    I have a pixel 4xl though... even if it's compatible with volte, it has never been certified by Fizz

  • Vanni
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    It isn't just a "whitelisting" exercise. For VoLTE to work with a certain phone it is necessary to insert certain parameters into the operating system and make sure they work, so it requires some work to be done by carriers and manufacturers alike.

    Quite obviously carriers only have a certain bandwidth for this task, so they will go for what gives them the biggest bang for their buck, i.e. the phones with the largest market share and/or the phones they sell directly. The same goes for manufacturers: having to go through this process for every single operator in the world (or in the markets where they are selling their products) is time-consuming and expensive, so they will focus their efforts on the carriers that have the largest number of customers.

    Therefore, who ends up being screwed are customers of smaller operators using niche phones...

    Hopefully, if the problem gets big enough the Competition Commission is going to intervene, which is what it should happen. I wouldn't hold my breath for Canada, but maybe it's going to happen in some other parts of the world and Canada will just get on the train...

  • Thanks for the info, do you know if they are in french somewhere

  • h3ll
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    Seems more like marketing to sell newer phones.. If my Samsung S9+ is VoLTE compliant I dont see how hard it could be to accept it on the network if they accept the newer models...

  • h3ll
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    Which info would you like in French?

    Quelles informations souhaiteriez-vous en français ?

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    That is awesome :) Happy to hear it is working for you