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Just received my Fizz modern. Set up everything. However, the downstream light is flashing, and both @ and upstream light are off.

there is wifi, but no internet

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    Sorry I have not experience with that... wait for a more experienced user or contact customer service here

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    Hello 👋

    Start with this simple solution that often solves the problem

    Unplug the power cable on your Wi-Fi modem.

    Make sure all the lights on the modem are off once you have unplugged it.

    Wait ten (10) seconds.

    Plug your modem back into the electrical outlet.

    Make sure the cables are well tighten.

    Expect a twenty (20) minute delay to allow your devices to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network and to some updates.

    If that is not solving the issue...

    It might be that your modem is not provided, try to reach customer service on Live chat : as they sometimes need a few extra details to possibly escalate a ticket to address your situation.

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    That means that you don't have a cable signal, please verify the coaxial cable connection on both ends

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    @Whizz mentioned in some other posts that the "Activate" button needs to be pressed. Not sure where that button is, but I assume it's somewhere in the menu of your account 🤷🏻.

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    If the Fizz modem was not delivered by the technicien

    • Log in to your Fizz account. 
    • You should see a tile with your order details in the Overview section. If not, go to My settings ­>­­ Order history.  
    • Activate your modem. It will then switch to the speed associated with your plan.  

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    It may be necessary to contact Fizz support via chat for them to enable the activate button on your account -- this happened to me and required the intervention of Fizz support.

    1. Visit the support page:
    2. Click the Green message button in the lower right
    3. Select your preferred chat platform -- I was able to get support through Fizz chat
  • Cecilia
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    Thanks for all answer above. Contact Fizz, they will send me a technician to check it up.

  • Whizz
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    Hello Cecilia,
    I am sorry for the situation encountered,
    I have verified your account and I can see that you have indeed contacted us. We have scheduled you an appointment with a technician in order to install the proper cables at your residence. 
    Here you can see more details:
    Thank you for your understanding!
    Have a good day!

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