I have two phone numbers on the same account and I can not add as contact one of the phone

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I have two phone numbers on the same Fizz account and I can not add as contact one of the phone

I need this 'basic feature' to use the contact when I transfer/GIFT DATA from one phone number to the second phone number (I have always to type the phone number when I gift data to my second phone, this is not normal in 2023 ...).


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    The only way is using the phone number, you cannot add as a friend, since Fizz is considering that it is you :(

    Moreover, when you add as a friend, when you will gift the data, the data is going to the first account

    It is normal, yes since is working like that :( Is this a good way to do it ? I will say no

    Since I believe that Fizz should prefer gifting data to plan in your account, and only after to friend and other people. They should add an option to say gifting to plan A (with a specific nickname). Since if you have 5 plans, it will be better to know,such a wifi, son, daughter, etc

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    Possible nobody from Fizz tested this scenario!

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    I prefer sharing my data with my family before sharing with others. This will be a good improvement, hopefully they will implement it. They must add a possibility to put a name on each plan, and give us the possibility to pick the name when we are sharing

    Probably they will prefer having a plan for each account. Since they don't incentive it in any way to have multiple plans on the same account. Not even with the bonuses

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    Completely agree with you guys. I have 2 phone plans and it is a nonsense that there's no way to choose which plan is receiving the data gifts. There is kind of an option in the settings, but it's useless because it's used only for receiving the perks. I have opened a ticket with them but they keep saying it's not possible 😔...

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    Thank you for reaching out,
    The data gifting process between plans on the same account can be made only by entering the phone number directly. If someone else wants to send you a gift, he can use the referral code or email ( if you have shared the email of the account with that person). 
    If you want to add someone as a contact you need to make sure that that person has in the privacy settings selected the  "Full experience". Otherwise it will not work. You have selected private membership, so you can receive gifts but you cannot be searched or added as a friend ( that goes for all your lines on the account).

    Furthermore, there is an option in your Fizz account that will let you select on which plan your mobile data will go to. 
    You need to be connected on a computer> once there, click on the blue box on the "gifting" button. There you can select the plan that will receive mobile data.

    It is different from the option in My settings> Communications> "plan receiving mobile perks".

    Andrei_ref_R7VK1  I think that this might interest you as well. 

    Test on your own account and you will have the option.

    Here is what you will see after you click on the Gifting button: gifting.PNG

    Thank you for your understanding!
    Have a great day!

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