How long does it take to replace a phone under warranty?

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on my fizz account it says 7 day delay but im going on to my third week with no updates, on my account it says my phone was received and deemed replaceable but it's going on three weeks and i don't even have a tracking number for my new phone... Not getting a straight answer and have tried multiple times to chat to no avail, i have escalated and opened a ticket no responce. I currently have 3 open tickets but nothing is resolved nor have the tickets been treated. I wish i could get a clear answer.

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    Hello smokythebear2021,

    Sorry to hear you are having issues with the phone return order under a warranty request!

    For the moment the ticket that was raised a few days ago is still being investigated by our technical team.

    We understand that the waiting time is not pleasant, but your patience is appreciated!

    Our team will contact you back via e-mail as soon as updates are received also.
    You can also track the ticket status via My settings - My tickets, to also have a view on its progress.

    Thank you for your understanding.
    Have a good one,


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    each case is different

    you can contact them

    but it shouldn't be too long if the warranty is deemed replaceable,

    maybe that's out of your model

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