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Hey guys could you clarify this for me please:

I am Quebec based, and ran out of call minutes (my plan in general is just for quebec(. I bought 60min call under Add-ons/call-texts, NOT under Add-ones/international calls. If I call a 514 mobile number, but the person is currently in France, will is work still? Is it based on where the person is located or based on the phone code?

thxxxx <3

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    Hello cstcm,
    Thank you for your question,
    The information your received from Jess_i88b6  is not correct.
    Given that you have a mobile plan with Quebec coverage and the person you want to call is in France, you will not be able to call them using the minutes you added to your plan.
    With those minutes, you can call only numbers that are in the Fizz subscription area. The subscription area is on the green map on this link:
    If you want to call a number that is in France currently or any other country outside of your Quebec coverage area, you need an add-on for international calls. 
    If you call that number with your current plan, you will receive an SMS that will inform you that you need an add-on.

    Here you can find the details in this regard:

    Thank you for your understanding!
    Have a good day!


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    Hi @cstcm

    it Is based on the phone prefix code, for you is a Québec call

    remember the calls are rounded at the next minute, therefore 10 seconds call is counted as a minute

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    I see, so as long as I am calling a Quebec phone number, even if the person is travelling to France I will still be able to call them right?

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    Yes for you they are in Québec

    they will pay any extra fee

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    I have no idea, but certainly I would trust @Jess_i88b6 answer!

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