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I want to delay the payment for 3 weeks. If i cancel the mobile service and reactivate in 3 weeks will i lose rewards and referral bonus?

If yes is there a way to simply stop auto payement and just wait 3 weeks before paying it so that the payement cycle of 1 month starts in 3 weeks?


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    Hello @Georgeback,

    Thank you for describing your request to us.

    Upon reviewing your account, I have determined that the most suitable course of action (since pausing a plan is not supported by our current system, as outlined in our FAQ here: is to transition your plan to our currently available lowest-priced option. Simply switch your plan to the "Coverage: Quebec" plan, which costs $10 per month ($11.5 including taxes).

    Additionally, it's important to note that closing your account will result in the loss of your perks and bonuses (as indicated in our FAQ here: Therefore, changing your plan serves as a viable workaround, allowing you to retain your benefits and revert to your preferred plan once the three-week period passed.

    You can change your plan by following these steps: log into your Fizz member account > My Plans > scroll to the plan you wish to change > click on Manage and then Adjust your plan > use the Plan Wizard to adjust the plan as you wish > as you adjust your plan details, you will see your new monthly fee in the box below > when you like what you see, click Save Changes > changes take effect at the start of your next payment cycle. 

    You can see more information about this topic here:

    Also, please note that you will be able to change your plan only according to our plan change policy (it will be effective starting with your next payment cycle >

    PS: The plan modification needs to be executed promptly to avoid the freezing period affecting your account, since altering the plan 108 hours prior to the payment cycle date will not be possible. Furthermore, it is crucial to revert the plan to your preferred options once your current payment cycle ends, ensuring that you can regain access to the desired features for your mobile services.

    I wish you have a pleasant day!



  • I think you have 60 days to be sure contacted the support

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    Maybe this will help you:

    "Do I lose any days in my plan if it gets suspended?

    That depends.

    • If you lose your phone, Fizz will block your SIM card so you avoid fraudulent activity, but your plan will remain active. You may therefore want to find yourself another phone as soon as possible, and activate it with your plan.
    • If your plan is suspended by Fizz, whether for purposes of analysis following inappropriate use or following non-payment, your payment cycle will simply shift. For example, say the plan of a member is suspended following a missed payment, and Fizz ends up receiving the said payment 5 days later. The payment cycle of this member will simply be shifted by 5 days. He’ll enjoy his plan for a month, and the new anniversary date of his plan will become the day Fizz received that payment."

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    I don't think you can suspend your plan and I think that by cancelling you will loose all of your achievements. Better contact customer service!

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