Can I see IMEI of my previous phone?

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Hi, my cell phone bricked, and I need imei to fix it

I put the fizz sim into a temporary phone, and fizz shows temp phone imei.

Is there a way to find out old (not working) phone.

I do not have the original packaging, it is an old phone

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    Hello Youry,
    I'm sorry to hear about this situation.

    To resolve this situation, we require you to contact us via our chat session. For real-time assistance, please use the chat bubble situated at the lower right-hand corner of the Solution Hub pages. If you encounter any difficulty in locating it, click on the following link (using an incognito window with ctrl+shift+n), and the chat bubble will show up within 15-20 seconds:
    Please keep in mind that we need the brand and model of the old phone that is no longer functional to see the information in our tools. The most straightforward method to obtain your phone's model and the number is to proceed to the 'Settings' or 'Options' menu, navigate to the bottom of the list, and verify the 'About phone' / 'About device' or similar section, where the device name and model number will be displayed.

    We're waiting for you to contact us.
    We hope you have a pleasant day!


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