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Yesterday I asked why Fizz CS was sooo bad. I had a few answers from users. This morning a Fizz CS Rep asked for my « understanding » and invited me to raise issues using Social media and Chat. I tried Chat yesterday and after waiting for 15 minutes the Rep, as incompetent as can be, closed the session without resolving my issue. I sent a Messenger request. It has been nearly 24 hours and still no response and no follow-up. Cherry on the Sunday, the CS Rep CLOSED my question for comments as though all is good. Pathetic CS.

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    Hello Mohand A. #76.
    I am sorry for the situation encountered,
     I have verified your previous conversations with and  you have contacted us for someone else for a SIM card replacement.
    The SIM card can be replaced only by customer service. 
    Also, to change a SIM card, we are required secure the account first, process that you did not want to go through. It is in place for your account protection. 
    The SIM card for that other account was not ordered through the link we have provided to get the SIM card for free, that is the reason why you can't update the SIM card from your Fizz account.
    In regards to the location of our customer service, we will always try to offer the best service possible.
    Reach us by chat to change the SIM card here:
    Click on the green bubble then on chat.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
    Have a good day!


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