Number transfer impossibility and terrible customer service

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Hi, I want to share my terrible experience with Fizz.

I first wanted to join Fizz because the USA-CANADA plan they offer. When I saw it, I decided to switch companies, from Videotron to Fizz. I carefully read that a number transfer was possible, and bought a SIM card.

When I tried to activated, an error occurred. After speaking during 3 hours with a Fizz agent, but also with my current provider, Videotron, neither of them could agree on the procedure. Fizz told me that I had to contact Videotron so I can authorise a number transfer, Videotron assured me it was Fizz that needed to contact them in order to transfer my number. After a while, the Fizz agent told me a ticket had been opened so the technical team could analyse the issue. After a week, I got the following message: "We have received the answer from the technical department and I am sorry to tell you that your number cannot be transferred. Fizz does not provide in the region to which your number belongs", which is very odd, because I live in Montréal, H2E 2J3, and I know Fizz provides there.

Anyway, when I first started talking to an agent, I asked them if I could be reimbursed for the SIM card in case I couldn't transfer my number. They said of course, I even kept the receipt.

However, when I got this message and asked for the reimbursement, the agent told me to enter a credit card in my account, which I did, and told me I would be reimbursed. Two hours later, I receive this message "your reimbursement request has not been approved, there is no plan associated with your account". Now, of course there is no plan because when I tried to activate the SIM card and create a plan, they couldn't transfer my number.

I think it is very unprofessional to treat a potential new customer this way, especially when they have made it clear they wanted to join Fizz. The only solution they offered me is choose a new number, which is not what I want, or to give the SIM to someone I know, which may not be possible, so I loose money either way.


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    sad story give us more news

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    Sorry to read that

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    This is weird. What is the area code of your current phone number? If you say you are from Montreal so it should be either 514 or 438 so should not be a problem. Only administrative phones can not be transferred, but this doesn't look like your case. I am out of ideas honestly.

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    You would've been disappointed by the canada-us plan anyway.

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    I’m not sure he/she will take comfort from that

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    Hello newuser123,

    First of all, thank you for the desire of transferring to Fizz.
    On the other hand, you have our apologies for the situation. Rest assured that if the transfer would have been possible, our technical team would assist us in this way.

    As for the refund of the SIM, since the SIM wasn't purchased online and there isn't a transaction currently in the account, the system can't proceed a refund, automatic or manually. 
    The only way to allow us to refund you for it, will be if you create a Fizz plan selecting a new number. For every mobile activation there is a trial period of 15 days, in which you can test the services. By unsubscribing from the plan in those first 15 days, the system will automatic refund you for the full amount paid and this will also unlock the refunds that we can make.
    You can find information about subscribing from this FAQ: and about the unsubscribe process and 15 days trial period from this one:

    I am counting on your understanding and if you consider doing this, once subscription order is created please contact us in private so we can proceed the SIM refund. You can contact us via chat or other social media channels from this link:

    Have a great day,

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