Is sim activation date when you initiate the number transfer or when the service is activated?

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Fizz missed up with my previous carrier to port my number and the transfer to fizz happened only 7 days later. However, Fizz started the payment cycle on the first day I sent the transfer request. I contacted the customer service but they dare to tell me that the activation is the date when the transfer request was submitted not when the service was activated!

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    Hello PaymentCycle. 

    I'm sorry to hear about the inconvenience this situation caused for you. 

    As my colleague has explained, the cycle for a member who creates their mobile plan via the transfer option starts when we receive the request for it. Looking over your request, I can see that it was received though you provided an incorrect IMEI, followed by your response being 5 days later.
    As is stated on our FAQ's in regards to transfers, we provide a notification on your account and email to let you know that something has happened. 

    Have a wonderful day. 


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    Usually is like that, when you start the transfer procedure your SIM will be activated with a temporary number, the porting is completed and you get your number.

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    This was my second porting looking for a better network and the activation date was considered as the date when the service went live. Even Fizz sent an email to confirm the activation when porting was completed. It's in the terms and conditions. It's not a big deal but I do not want customers to pay for a service they haven't received. It's a bad practice..

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    I agree @PaymentCycle

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    I am curious, the plan was activated without the porting? You were able to make calls?

    If this is not the case therefore you were not able to make calls, please read the point 6.2. Service interruption or unavailability from the service agreement.

  • Once I had a conversation with the customer service and the agent told me if you have your service interruption for 48 hours then they will reimburse you.

    So contact customer service, we are all users here.

  • @Jessy_ref_i88b6


    Service interruption is a good point but I haven't even plugged the Fizz sim card as per their instructions. I still had Koodo running during that time period which means the porting didn't work. I followed up after a couple of days and was told it didn't work please submit a new request which took again an extra 3 days. What they didn't swallow is that I complained about the signal which was poor at my workplace and ended up porting my number 5 months later to another carrier. The surprise is that they have just took money from my account and won't reimburse stating that a new payment cycle has just started. This how they came up with the new "term" that the activation date was when the porting was initiated!

    Anyways, thanks everyone for your inputs. I will cancel my internet also but this time with a notice 32 days before the activation date:-)

  • 32 days before... 🤣

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    I totally agree with you, but after 5months, the date of the beginning of your payment cycle should not had been a surprise…

    Good luck going forward though!

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