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My partner and I will be traveling to the USA in May/June and we NEED voice and texts. We just purchased a new Pixel 7 with new VOLTE SIM card for her, from FIZZ, just so we will have voice and text on at least one phone. It DOES NOT appear that VOLTE is active on her account, even with a brand-new, Fizz purchased phone. What a waste of money! We should have just stuck to the old LG G6. I was really hopeful that this FIZZ purchased phone would connect to VOLTE immediately but it doesn't seem to be so.

I also finally have the new SIM card for my Samsung S10e but VOLTE doesn't even show up as an option in the Mobile Network settings. Samsung S10e is VOLTE certified on Videotron, why the heck can't FIZZ handle it. I know you use the same networks.

FIZZ, I'm a long-term customer now and I find it just ridiculous how long it is taking for this conversion. If the American cell providers can switch everyone over why can't you? We NEED our voice and text capabilities for the USA and we need it soon. Traveling in the USA last August without voice/text and only having data was not acceptable. Please, please, please, get your act together. We really don't want to consider other cell providers but not having USA phone capabilities is just silly. I hope you get us switched by sometime in April, prior to our May trip.

Can anyone from FIZZ give us a date that we can expect to be able to make/receive calls and texts in the USA Please?!

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    Hello Stephen G. #32755,

    Sorry to hear about the issue!
    On your account you should have the VoLTE capability since you meet the requirements stated by our friend Jessy, but if you encounter issues, try to manually swap between networks ( AT&T and T-Mobile ), and possibly test the Sim in a new phone if you have one.

    If nothing helps, please reach our colleagues on Live chat following these details : https://fizz.ca/en/support so they can assist further.
    Be sure that you are logged in to your Fizz account before accessing this link and that you start browsing the FAQ`s so the chat bubble appears at the bottom of the page.

    Thank you for your understanding.
    Have a good one,


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    Hi @Stephen G. #32755

    All depends on your situation.


    > If you became a mobile member BEFORE March 16, 2022. 

    Calling will be possible again by spring 2023 when Fizz offers VoLTE on its own network. At that time, using a VoLTE certified phone updated with the latest software update and activated with a VoLTE compatible SIM card will allow you to make calls when in the United States. 

    > If you became a mobile member ON or AFTER March 16, 2022.

    Your plan should already be activated with a VoLTE compatible SIM card. If you are using a VoLTE-certified phone updated with the latest software update, calls and texts will work in the U.S. If it is not, you will only have access to your mobile data.

    source: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/why-do-some-calls-and-texts-when-us-not-work

    Some user (member before March 16, 2022) reported to be able to call when in the USA forcing the phone using the 2G.

    For May you get a good chance that the VoLTE will be implemented for older users to, I believe that will the 21 of June to implement it:(

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    for old subscribers the service is still not available yes its a waste of money sorry

  • Indeed workaround by switching to 2G and manually selecting T-Mobile was confirmed working by several customers. Hopefully till May VoLTE will be available for old customers, if no just give it a try to the workaround mentioned above.

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    Magic tip: use TextNow and Call Divert. Free

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    Im still searching the Volte option in my phone. Seems like there is none. Even with the magic red new thunder sim.

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    It’s coming this spring, be patient!

  • I went to Arizona in the fall with my current phone and I bought a USA sim card. My phone worked. In the winter, I went to Vermont and opted to use Fizz's option by taking the USA plan. My phone DID NOT work.

    I joined Fizz in September before going to Arizona.

    The next time I go the USA, I will be purchasing a USA sim card as I will not rely on FIZZ, they are lacking in certain departments and this is one of them.

  • Had the same issue for months while in Fl. Forcing 2G on T-Mobile will give txt and calls but no LTE... I used Mint mobile (50$ for 6 months) and forwarded my calls. Worked great until Fizz had an issue with call forwarding... Enough was enough. Had no choice but to port out my # and cancel Fizz. Now on AT&T yearly for $25 USD / month unlimited Canada, US and Mexico. Bye bye Fizz :)

  • Jean P. - does your AT&T plan include data? We need phone, text and data coverage for all Canada plus sometimes USA. I would have no problem using AT&T as my carrier if it is somehow possible. Did you port a Canadian number to AT&T? I would like to keep our area code 613 numbers. How did you set up the AT&T accounts? Any additional info you can provide would be great.

    While I like FIZZ and would love to keep using them this whole dragging the feet on VOLTE and not being able to use our phones in the USA is a pain you know where.

    If they haven't got their act together and have both our phones working in the USA, including the new Pixel 7 with new SIM card that we just paid them good money for, when we head to USA in May/June I may have to investigate AT&T further.

    If the Canadian government would open up our airwaves to foreign competition maybe we would have better service and pricing (although FIZZ pricing is pretty good).

    FIZZ, if you are reading please get my phone and my partner's phone running with VOLTE soon. The Pixel 7 is VOLTE certified and has the new SIM card. My Samsung S10e is VOLTE certified by Videotron and now also has a new SIM card. There is no reason that I can see that you can't activate us both. Contact me please.

  • Stephen G

    Totally agreed and as you can see, I just ran out of patience with them. Now in peace with VoLTE and Wifi calling at a great price. Check out ATT yearly for $300 USD for unlimited calls and texts and 16gb data (running on Rogers when in Canada) at fast speeds then throttled after your 16gb but still running. I've had this for my wife for years with no issue whatsoever. Ported out my Mtl # to voip.ms ($1 / month + .01 cent / minute usage) then forwarded calls + txt to my US ATT # . If you want to keep a local carrier, you can just get Mint for $50 (for 3 months + 3 free months) for unlimited and 4Gb data and use a second SIM card. Regards

  • Btw, you can just get a new ATT 5g sim card off e-bay for a few $ and then do everything online. And while you're at it, get a second one to keep as back-up. Once your cell # is parked on voip.ms, all kinds of options including e-mail voicemail, ring groups, and all kinds of fun stuff become possible. Very important not to cancel Fizz until you get porting confirmation. Good luck!

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