Data not working for almost 2 weeks now

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Not sure if anyone can help me. I have been bringing this problem up to FIzz and I have tickets open and still nothing from them. They keep asking to test my phone and I am getting extremely frustrated with them!

I lost access to data...once for a 24 hour period in January and then again Feb 3rd for a 24 hour period and now since February 9th I've been without data.

My boyfriend has the same phone model as me and also has an account with FIZZ. So I switched our sim cards and when I insert his sim card in my phone, I have access to data. When I insert my sim card in his phone, no data access. We have exactly the same APN settings in our phones. I also tested with a friend's phone who is with a different mobile vendor and same thing.

I had FIzz replace my sim card but the problem persists. I once again switched my new sim card with my boyfriend's to do the same test and same result...I can't access data with my sim card in his phone and he is able to access data with his sim card in my phone.

I keep getting a "sign in to Network" from Fizz when I try to connect to data but even if I click on the message..nothing happens. Sending picture of that message.

The other thing is that FIzz has been using my data in the wrong order which I already had brought this to their attention at the beginning of February. Not sure if the problems are related but the technical team at FIZZ seems to be non existant...their customer service sends emails and they are useless ones..asking me to test my phone without mentioning any progress at all.

I am at a loss here as to how I can escalate this problem. I am paying for a friggin data plan I can't use and when I've been able to use it, they've used up data in the wrong order!

I even tried resending the APN settings to my phone but it's not working! I am able to make phone calls, receive them and send and receive text messages.

Anyone have any suggestions? FIzz is completely useless and I've been dealing with this issue full time with time since the 9th and it's becoming a real joke.

Thank you!


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  • Whizz
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    Hello Concave65,

    You have our apologies for the situation. I asked for updates from our technical team and told them to faster the resolution. Rest assured that once the ticket is resolved and you confirm us that the mobile data works properly again, we will offer you a refund for the days impacted.

    I am counting on your understanding and I wish you a good day,


  • Vasiok
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    I'm really sorry for your problems, but i suppose that in this situation, only the support can help you. Maybe you can try to escalate to a supervisor?

  • Concave65
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    But no idea how to escalate this. Everything is through their customer service.

    it’s horrible.

    One thing is for sure…I would never ever choose Fizz for my home internet. What a disaster they are if there’s a problem.


  • Vasiok
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    Maybe next time when you speak with them, give them the phone number of your boyfriend and ask them to apply the same parameters to your account/sim. No idea of any other way to solve this issue.

  • Andrei_ref_R7VK1
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    This is definitely a problem with your account and not with your SIM card or phone. That "Sign in to Network" message means that you don't have data on your plan (I had it when I used all my data once).

    I suggest you to contact customer support again and ask them

    1. to check whether your account has data activated

    2. to escalate the case to a higher level if they say everything is good with your account

  • Concave65
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    Will definitely try that.

    they keep asking me to run the same tests over and over and it’s getting tiring.

  • Andrei_ref_R7VK1
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    I totally understand you

  • Vasiok
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    So, was the problem solved?

  • Concave65
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    Nope. I’ve contacted customer service, I’ve even used the submit a complaint form and you end up in the same place…they open a ticket and customer service sends you an email saying the technical team is looking into it.

    same dumb answers with no idea what they are doing.

    im waiting and in the meantime I’ve asked for a refund As I paid for data I am unable to use.

    And this is why I would never ever use Fizz for my home internet. Imagine the horrors of your system is down and you cannot speak to the IT support directly? No phone no nothing?

    in the meantime I am looking around to see about changing cellular provider but one that offers a real support team!

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