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I need a bill with my addres and name written,

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    Hello Gelareh,

    Thank you for  being part of the Fizz community.
    As a proof with the address and transactions, you can use the transactions from the Fizz account by going in your account at: My settings -> Transaction history and open one of them. There you will see the amount and the account ID.
    To complete it with the address as well, you will have to go at: My plans -> Manage plan -> Services agreement -> Open the newest and in it, on the right side you can see the agreement between you with full address and client ID and Fizz.
    With the client ID visible in both (transaction history and services agreement) it will work as proof.
    You can read more about the services agreement from this FAQ:

    I am counting on your understanding and I wish you a great day,


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    To find your bill, go on Setting and transaction history. Unfortunately, there's no name or address on it.

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    I think no one can help you with the information you are looking as we are all users here. Please contact customer support directly.

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