LTE on iPhone 12 mini in Ontario

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I just moved from Montreal to Toronto, I have the coverage for Canada in my plan and the latest VoLTE sim card.

Yet, on the iPhone 12 mini that I normally use, as soon as I stepped in Ontario - and right now in the center of Toronto, I get stuck with "3G voice and no data".

In the same place in Toronto, with the same SIM card but on an old Android phone (LG G6), I get LTE and data fine. (then I put it back to the iPhone, and still "3G and no data")

Did anyone had issues specific to iPhone, or any advice for me?

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    Hi @Referral_code_UKS6U

    For the data be sure to enable the data roaming iPhone: Settings → General → Cellular → Options → Data roaming

    Verify that the phone has the network operator configure in automatic iPhone: Settings → Operators → Automatic/Fizz

    1. Also check if you disable the 4G Select Settings.
    2. Select Mobile Data.
    3. Select Mobile Data Options.
    4. Select Voice & Data.
    5. To enable 3G, select 3G.
    6. To enable 4G, select 4G.

    Moreover, you wrote that you move to Toronto, therefore, is not trip of couple days/weeks, if this is the case, you should know about the use of your phone with the Fizz's partner networks

    The majority of your usage (calls, texts and data) must be done on the Fizz network.

    We reserve the right to interrupt or block access to our network of partner providers if you use your mobile service primarily on their networks for 3 consecutive payment periods.


  • Referral_code_UKS6U
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    Thanks. Unfortunately this solution did not work in my case :(

    Following the response from the support, I also tried resetting my network settings, but this also did not help.

    I am still open to any advice or solution!

    To recap the problem:

    In Toronto, my plan with Canada coverage works fine on Android (LG G6), but not on iPhone (mini 12, iOS 16.3) which is stuck on [Fizz EXT / 3G / no data]. I tried all the solutions above, including contacting the support and resetting network settings.

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    Hello there Referral_code_UKS6U!

    Sorry to hear about the situation you are in. Provided that the issue stems from the update that Apple has released, I would like to recommend to get in contact with Apple. See if they have at least a workaround to this update's bug. 
    That or use another phone if you can. 

    Best of luck!
    -Paul 🖖


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