Not Volte compatible on pixel 6

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I bought a pixel 6 from fizz, Wich is definitely volte compatible but it says it's not. I have a "old" sim. Other people around me received a notification to change their card and received the new one with the logo but I didn't.

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    Hello there Cl0ut1eR!

    As Jessy mentioned, we have yet to give everyone the VoLTE SIM card however we are working towards that so that our members are ready to use VoLTE. This is done in batches so the waiting time to be notified that you have been selected will vary from user to user. 

    We'll notify you through the email address you used for your Fizz account when you have been selected. There will be a link in it that will let you order the new SIM card for free. We'll get you on board, no worries Cl0ut1eR!

    Have a good one!


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