In need of data, thanks in advance!

Damek G.
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Hi fellow community members, it’s been a while since I’ve hopped on the forum..

Ive been surprised with a Fizz text message saying I’ve used up 90% of my data the other day. Can anyone send me some data? I only need 500mb to get me through work for the next few days.

it would be extremely helpful from anyone of you!

please reply if you have some to spare, and I’ll try to reach out via private message if that feature is still available.

thanks again!

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  • Damek G.
    Damek G. Posts: 146
    @Vasiok USMZ9


  • Damek G.
    Damek G. Posts: 146

    @picpoper Thanks very much!!

    im all set now, I do not need more until my next cycle where my modifications will take place.

    thanks again to both of you!

  • Damek G.
    Damek G. Posts: 146

    Does anyone know how to mark a question as the best answer to close it? Is that still a thing on the forum?

    If it no longer is, please do not share any more data with me as I fear I might not use it all that fast. Instead, I invite you to share it with others who recently asked for it.

    Thanks once more!

  • Whizz
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    Those features are locked to us however given that you no longer need the extra Data, Damek G., I will go ahead and close this. 

    I won't be assigning a best answer however since every member who comments that they shared their data with fellow members is a best answer itself. 

    Cheers and keep being awesome!
    -Paul 🖖

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