No internet since 15h what now?

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We haven't had internet in Villeray since 15h, what should we do? What is happening? We're having aot of difficulty contacting fizz...

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    Hello there, MauveMagieCrabe! 

    Sorry to hear about that!

    If your internet connection is not working, and you've tried rebooting your modem yet nothing happened, please check the lights on it and see if the "@" symbol is lit up. In case it is not, there might be something going on with the network itself (outage, faulty coaxial cable) which causes the cutoff.

    Judging by the signals, everything is in order with your connection now, but should this happen again, please, contact us directly on our private communication channels so we can assist you as quickly as possible with the matter.

    We remain at your disposal!

    Take care!



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