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Hello everyone! I already have Wi-Fi with a Fizz modern and want to add it to my new account. How can I do that?


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    Hello Lissamaria07,
    I hope this message finds you well. 

    I just verified your account, and it seems like the confusion was created because you have two Fizz accounts, one which is empty and one which contains your internet plan. I can see that you contacted us in private a few days ago, however, you were disconnected. I would kindly suggest you reach back to us and we will do our best to help you out in recovering your account. Here is an FAQ on how to contact us

    Have a good one!


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    Hi @Lissamaria07

    I will personally open a new account, with a new email, and use the referral code of my first account in the second one. In this way you will get 25$ to the first and second account.

    But, if you want to make easier to manage, you can open in your account (without open a new one, you will not get the 25$ each, but it will be easier to manage in the future).

    You should order a SIM Card or buying from certain couche tard, JC parrmacy, UQAM Coop or some mobile expert places, or some metro station in Montreal, here the full information with the map

    When you have your Fizz's SIM card, you can go here pick your plan and follow the instructions. Remember, there are 2 different procedure, if you want a new number or you want to transfer a number from a previous Quebec mobile provider (You mobile should be active in order to being able to transfer)

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