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Why is the Blackberry Key 2 (an android device)that is certified for VoLte by the manufacturer and other providers blocked by Fizz for VoLte in the US? The option on my phone is there but Fizz has it greyed out.

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    Hello skonstas,

    At the moment the VoLTE system is not yet active with Fizz.
    It is something we are still working on and we are trying to make that available as soon as possible. 
    Once it will be officially released will post it on our website.  

    Have a lovely day,


  • CJ Ref Code B43SA
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    Limitations are there in terms of compatibility - it depends if you have the right SIM, the right activation and compatibility with bands.

  • Kyle C. #853
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    Fizz (and most other Canadian carriers) have a list of phones that they allow onto their VOLTE network.

    My essential phone and oneplus 7T are perfectly capable of VOLTE but I have never been able to use it because of carriers.

    My guess is blocking them in the US is part of the roaming agreement Fizz has with the US carriers.


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