One day after the activation, i have no signal on my phone

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The activation is completed. The transfer number was complete. But i have no signal and i don't know what to do

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    Hello walner97,
    I am sorry for the situation encountered,
    I have verified your account and I can see that you have contacted our customer service team.
    I can see that they have escalated a ticket to our technical team after the troubleshooting steps did not help with this case.
    You will be able to see the status of the ticket in your Fizz account> Overview section.
    As soon as we have news, we will contact you via email with all the details.
    We count on your understanding and patience!
    Have a good day!


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    What phone model, etc? Please add more details.

    What was the phone with before? Did it have time to do provisioning and all that?

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    Hi @walner97

    Please check the network operator is configured in automatic

    The steps for enabling your phone to automatically choose a network vary depending on the type of phone. Here are two examples:

    Android: Settings → Connections → Mobile networks → Network operators → Search networks → Automatic/Fizz

    iPhone: Settings → Operators → Automatic/Fizz

    The frequency band used may vary from one service provider to another. It’s possible that your phone is not able to connect to all available mobile networks.

    Also be sure to have a compatible phone

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    Sometimes simple reboot of the phone helps.

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    Sometimes all it takes is either turn off the phone and turn it back on, or can take out your sim card while the phone is on and put it back in. Either one has worked for me before.

    Hope that helps.

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    If it shows activated online I would try the SIM in other phone.

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