VoLTE and VoWiFi in the US?

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I understand Fizz is finally rolling out VoLTE for new users. And that this will allow the service to be used in the US. Now for the next question: Does Fizz support VoWiFi?

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    Hello Roger I. 

    At the moment we are working towards the goal of implementing the VoLTE feature in our services.  There isn't any news as to the addition of VoWi-fi yet however if there will be any news in regards to it, they will surely be shared through email and community posts. 

    Until then, please look forward to the addition of VoLTE services which will also let you call in the US. 

    Have a wonderful day!


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    Hi @Roger I.

    At the moment, Fizz never talk about the VoWiFi, but hopefully they will implement it soon.

    This will be great for users and Fizz

  • CJ Ref Code B43SA
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    They're barely there with VoLTE, they will announce infrastructure upgrades as they happen - there's no way end users would know this information before it happens.

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    Noi Wifi calling yet

  • Telephono
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    No wifi calling in the pipe as far as I know.

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