Why do I love FIzz Mobile?

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Dear Fizzers,

Is that time of the year.... Christmas Time !

That s why I was thinking to say Thank you Fizz !

First of all because there is no contract and FIZZ give you the opportunity to stay as long as you want based on your real needs.

No other provider offers this flexibility.

Everybody is hungry to keep you in the most expensive plan for 2 years selling you a phone.

I can say Fizz is very honest and a very friendly service and I am so happy to use it.

They are still surprising me with better and better deals (like 100 CAD refferal, pre loved cheap good phones, 15 Gb perk).

Fizz all you have to do now IMO is to lunch VoLTE and WiFi Calling.

5G network personal I dont care. Keep 5Gnetwork for people who has triple digits payment invoice.

Thanks Fizz and keep the amazing work guys !

Happy New Year everyone !

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    We are so lucky to have Fizz.

    Not the best, not the worst.

    But special.