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I'm confused as to why my phone return is not updating at all. I bough a pre-loved phone in full price thinking there'd be no contract but it seems i completely misunderstood the ''fizz rebate'' part about used phones. Initially I tried to cancel the order ASAP before it was even processing or shipped but the agent told me he could not do it. I was like OK, I will send it back as soon as I receive it and that's what I did. Now fast forward to the phone being received and signed by Fizz on the 20th december and ever since my history return hasn't even updated to ''under inspection''. What's going on? the phone was un unused and unopened. After seeing the way this has been going, I was going to recommend Fizz to a few people I know because the prices seemed nice and friendly, but with this online return experience, I no longer feel confident in recommending Fizz to anyone as this seems to be too much hassle....

Note that an agent has opened ''ticket'' for investigation and reassured me It would get no solved but no updates still...

I'm really disappointed.

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    Hello KB_1229,

    You have our apologies for the delay, however rest assured that we are working and trying to resolve this as soon as possible. As soon as we will see the phone received informatically in our deposit the technical team will be able to complete the return order and send you the refund for it.
    I am counting on your understanding and in case you have any other questions, you can contact us anytime from this link:

    I wish you a Happy new year!


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    If it was received by Fizz than you should not be worried. I had several tickets in "open" state even though they were already fixed.

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    Especially in this period when most businesses are running lean, don't worry about it too much and just keep an eye on it. What's important is that you sent it on time, the rest will be processed in due time.

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    You can always contact fizz via social media as well and I am sure someone will be able to give you an update. I wouldn wait too long though. Hope you are able to resolve the issue.

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    My main criticism here is still the fact their system does not allow them to cancel a freshly made order that has not been processed or shipped yet, which is quite outrageous for an ISP that's fully online if you ask me.

    I know its holidays and all but i still find it incompetent to waste such logistics resources and also time on both ends when the order could've been cancelled to begin with.

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