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Im trying to change my plan for my phone for a better price with the current promos, but since yesterday, i keep getting the message ''no changes can be made before 2022-12-30, come back on this day to try again''.

My last change was an add-on of data for my mobile on November 29th. No changes were done since until now. My cycle day is the 27th of each month. Whats the problem here?

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    Hello there Pavel! 

    I took a look at your plan and the anniversary date for your plan is on the 30th of this month which would make the 27th be the date in which the automatic payment starts for you. 
    In order for the payments of our members to come out right we placed the condition that in the last 4.5 days, 108 hours, of the plans current cycle the requests for plan changes will be automatically cancelled. 

    Here is our Plan Change Policy that goes a bit more in depth about this: https://fizz.ca/en/plan-change-policy

    You'll still be able to change your plan on the 30th of the month, when the new cycle starts, so that you can have the following cycle be updated to the price of the offer. 

    Have a good one and Merry Christmas! 


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