When will the $100 bonus referral end?

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I can't find the end date for the $100 bonus. Could someone advise?

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    Hello @KK3 ,

    Thank you for being part of the Fizz community!

    Indeed, currently there isn't a date announced for when the 100$ referral bonus will be changed.

    As for your other question, the referral code since it is applied when you activate the plan, it will have the value from the moment when you use it, not the one when you ordered the SIM in case it will change.

    You can find more information related to the referral code from this FAQ: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/what-kind-of-rewards-do-i-earn-for-inviting-friends

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  • CJ Ref Code B43SA
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    There isn't one, so I suggest you make use of it asap! It's likely going to be at least until end of year, but you never know - as the amount is subject to change, as it has already in December.

  • KK3
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    If ordering the SIM now, would the referral bonus be based on the date of the SIM ordered or would it be based on the activation date?

  • CJ Ref Code B43SA
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    Bonuses are captured at checkout, so if you order now you're ok, even if the promo goes back to $25 tomorrow for example. It won't be credited to you right away, but it'll be locked in and you can see it in your account.

  • Andrei_ref_R7VK1
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    Hello, indeed there is no end date for this bonus.

    Please note that this bonus applies on the activation of your first plan with Fizz (you can not use it for the existing account). During the activation process you need to apply it on either your Mobile or Internet plan.

  • Sensei007
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    You can also go to a store to buy a sim card next time you make a referal, it's good to know if you're up against time.

  • LiamBron
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    Unfortunately there isn't a set date; I expect they will update the website when there is a week or so remaining for the deal. That or they might have this only apply for 2022 and have it finish in the New Year.

  • Sensei007
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    I might add that the promos usually don't last very long. So it's better to act fast.

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    I would guess after NY they will remove it.

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