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I said multiple time, @Whizz please consider moving away from Twitter !

ever heard about TwitterFiles ? 🫣 go to twitter and follow the thread below:

the details are instructive and tell us how twitter staff have unlimited and almost unrestricted access to any posts, including private messages...employees but also their AI tool for training

time to develop an in-house app ! 💡

fortunately I've barely used DMs and never sent any sensitive details

🚨to everyone, think twice before dealing with Fizz Support : never share any sensitive info...

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    Hi, the support platforms have been changed a few weeks ago already. If you look on a help page on the website ( you will only see two ways to communicate with them: chat and Facebook Messenger.

    Thank you for sharing this information on the forum.


  • thx for update !

    Glad Fizz get rid of Twitter.

    but they still use Facebook Messager 🫣

    real question is : when are they going to develop a mobile app ??!!

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    Fizz has developed an app to manage Wifi. For other functions, you would have to ask the developers if it fits into their short-term plans :).

    At the security level, the chat remains a very secure means which is important to communicate with them in certain cases.

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