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Where can we report security vulnerability related to Fizz ? Videotron (the parent company) responsible disclosure program explicitly mention that it doesn't handle report related to Fizz and Fizz doesn't have any publicized point of contact.

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    Hello OlivierA 

    Thank you for your message and for your vigilance :)

    I have noticed that the situation has been discussed privately with my colleagues and an answer concerning the problem will be sent by email as soon as possible :) 

    Have a nice day


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    Hi Olivier, we are subscribers to this forum. If you have detected a security breach, please contact customer service. Everything is online on Fizz. Go to this page:

    and simply scroll down until you see the green bubble with a question mark, to your right, click on it and then another click. You can chat with support. The "login" page may open to enter your account. Chat is the faster way.

    With Facebook:

    You can also open a support ticket in your account at My Settings/Contact Forms/

    Thank you to inform us.

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