support asking for credit card, normal?

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Hi. I had a problem with my phone so I contacted the client support of Fizz.

They asked me the credit card related to my account.

Is this normal procedure? I have never been asked my credit card from a support team before and found this weird.

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    @question If you don't have payment problem, for a SIM swap they should ask a document to prove your identity to avoid a SIM swap scam.


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    Hi @question

    Probably they want to enter for you, but I will prefer to do it myself, follow the instructions, I would like to suggest that you use the browser in private mode. So enter the card and associate to your plans.

    I am try to share as little I can

    However, if you don't have a payment issue, why they want your credit card for a phone problem?

  • yes, but the credit card had no link to the problem I had. It was about my sim card, nothing money related. I found this odd.

  • Ah i see, that makes sens. But the message of "Before getting started I will need an identity card with your name AND your adress AND a picture of your credit card" still makes it weird to me. I did not know about SIM swap scams before.

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