Unable to reply TD fraud alert

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Hi there, I’ve been a fizz user for 2 or 3 years. My plan doesn’t include text but I can use my wallet to send texts when I needed. Everything works smoothly until today.

Today I received a fraud alert from TD bank in text, which I think is legitimate, but somehow I can’t reply to the text anymore. The message I sent always failed with a Not Delivered. My wallet still has balance and other SMS text can be delivered without problem. Their number is 832832 if that matters.

I wonder if anyone has similar experience? If so, how do you work around this? I don’t want to be put on hold for a hour just to tell TD that it’s a legitimate purchase.



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    I think those kind of numbers are meant as no reply ones. But why would you answer an automatic text message about fraud anyways? They're not gonna start having a conversation with you through text. The call is inevitable or in person visit.

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    You should never reply to SMS or emails received from your bank

    Source: https://www.td.com/privacy-and-security/privacy-and-security/how-you-can-protect-yourself/recognizing-fraud/recognizing-fraud.jsp

    do not respond and do not open or click on any links or open attachments contained within the email. Please notify us by visiting our online reporting centre and by forwarding a copy of the email to us at phishing@td.com.


    "Smishing” is a combined word created from “Short Message Service” (i.e. a text message) and the word "phishing"). Text messages sent to your cell phone using SMS (Short Message Service) technology can be sent to ‘phish’ for your personal information in the same way that such information is sought through ‘vishing’ and ‘phishing’ expeditions.

    Watch out for the following indications that an SMS text message may be a Smishing attempt:

    The message may include what looks like a legitimate website address and asks you to confirm (i.e. enter) several pieces of your personal financial information, such as your credit/debit card number, CVV code (on the back of your credit card), your ABM card number, your SIN, your email address, or other personal information.

    If you suspect Smishing, do not respond to the text message. You should immediately contact the financial institution or credit card company and tell them of your suspicions. TD Bank’s contact information can be found here.

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    Hello @holyspectral ,

    I hope this message finds you well.

    I'm sorry to hear about this situation and I can assure you that our customer service will do their best to help you out. If you tried some manipulations on the thread mentioned by @Andrei_ref_R7VK1 with no result, feel free to reach out to us. We will solve this together. Here is how to contact us https://fizz.ca/en/support#gsc.tab=0.

    Have a good one!


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