Are there any benefits in putting 2 mobile plans under 1 account?

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Are there any benefits in putting 2 mobile plans under 1 account? Or better to have separate accounts?

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    Hi @itsmeagi

    I believe that you will be better off with two accounts, since till the end of the month you will get 100$ ( 50$ to your first account and 50$ to the second) using the referral from your first account, for activate your plan in the second one.

    In the long run, with 2 plans on the same account, will give you more points with more rewards. However, you will need at year at least.

    In order to make points

    Participate in the community, you will receive:

    • 3 points for replying to a question

    • 50 points for getting the first Best answer

    • 50 points for each month that you are active

    You will also receive points for earning various badges.

    On your Fizz account, you will receive:

    • 10 points for each $ paid on your monthly plan.

    • close to 3 points for each $ spent at the Fizz mobile shop here:

    • 3 points every time you gift data from your mobile plan:

    • 200 points for each confirmed referral:

    You can find more tips and tricks here -

    And these are the rewards

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