Planete Courrier Delivery Issues

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Just want to throw my hat in the ring for the complaints about Planete Courrier. Ordered a phone on Thursday, was due to arrive on Monday.

Middle of the day, get a notification, delivery attempted - no one home. I work from home, I am overlooking the entrance to my building, there was no attempt made. Get on the chat with Planete Courrier, they say 'Sorry, we'll speak to that driver about it.' They tell me I can come and pick it up, I work 9-5 they are open 9-5, that's not going to work. Ask to have it delivered on Tuesday, nope, only time we can fit you in is Wednesday.

Wednesday rolls around, and I am watching the door like a hawk, any car or delivery truck stopping in front of the building, I am eyeing. Nothing. Finish work at 5, standing at the window looking out at the horrible, hideous snow, and I get an email, 'Attempted delivery - unavailable - please reschedule. 17:15.' So, I find that interesting as am, and have been looking out the window the last 15 minutes, and there were 0 delivery trucks, or vans or anything on my street in that time.

I got on the chat with Planete Courrier again, mentioned this to them, and they said, fine, we will send the driver back, then disconnect from the chat before I can even reply.

Wait for an hour, I mean, if he was just here, he should be able to come back pretty quick - nothing. Decide to call them, and speak to a rude customer service agent. Mention the situation and get told 'well according to my GPS he was there, but he is on his way back to attempt to deliver it again.' So I ask her if she has the GPS, where is he, is he close? Suddenly, the GPS doesn't give her any information about where he is at the moment.

So, still waiting. I checked all info, address was entered correctly. I know by building's buzzer works just fine, I received other deliveries today. Went to check if there was any notice left at the mailbox, and nothing in sight. Also, would assume that absolute worst case - my phone number should be on the shipping label.

Also, a bit annoyed with the fact that on the Fizz site for the shipment it shows a FedEx logo with the tracking number, but it leads to Planete Courrier. Gotta say, really disappointed with this situation.

I would also add that this isn't the first issues with them, 2 years ago my wife and I both ordered phones about a week part and both times the phones were left on our patio (lived in a house at that point), no one signed for them, they were just left outside and on the delivery it showed it was signed for.

Thanks for reading my rant.

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    Hello @Lukko4

    I am sorry to hear about the situation encountered, rest assured the matter has been acknowledged and steps will be taken so the situation would not happen again.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience.

    I wish you have a great day.



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    Hi @Lukko4

    I will be disappointed me too if I were in your situation. Hopefully a @Whizz will read your post and take an action with the carrier.

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