Using international text to send sms to Japanese mobile phone

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If any one can send a message to Japanese mobile phone number, please share with me which way you enter the number?

+81 90 * *** ****


01181 90 * *** ****


0081 90 * *** ****

I have done everything the fizz tech asked but still not working only when I try to send a message to Japan

Please note that I can receive a message from Japan and also send my messages other countries no problem.

Spontaneously I test with my Japanese friends if my text messages is delivered by chatting with other app like line.

Even though my messages says "delivered" it is not really received on the other side.

If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

If fizz cannot support this I have to look for other companies... Any suggestions is appreciated.


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    Hello @Kokoro,

    Thank you for posting your question on the Fizz community!

    I notice a ticket has been already escalated to the technical team in regards to this issue. We've also sent you an e-mail to which we have received no replies. It's best to keep the communication there so we keep better track of the situation.

    We remain at your disposal for anything else!

    Have a good one, take care.



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    You came back a few times on the forum to try to have a solution. You have received several suggestions but unfortunately without any results. Another ideas by viewing your message.

    You have in your plan: unlimited texts. Why not try adding some cash to your wallet (for pay-as-you-go) for texts. I don't know if it's possible. But if your problem is really technical at the Fizz level, it might work.. or not. number 2

    Other thing. I have already read on the forum that a subscriber had a technical problem on his cell phone. I don't remember on what subject, but he had to put the fonts back to default, on his mobile, to eliminate his problem...

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    Unfortunately I’m not sure which email you are talking about because all email that I have received with ticket I replied as soon as possible. Even the one you guys closed with no solution ticket I re-open and make sure I get some real answer. But what I received each time is my ticket was transferred and that’s it. I see there are two other tickets are still pending but I have not heard any update after almost two weeks. Since the last month, I have tried to figure out this situation and contact you guys via chat. What it made me do is to repeat my same story and get replied from you with the same answer that I’m using “wrong number” despite I followed all your suggestions and I sent my screenshots both chat and tech email …..therefore, I decided to see if anyone who has sent a text message successfully to Japanese mobile number.

    @Mamie thank you for another post. I think I will just change the phone company if this continues as an issue. I’m going back to japan for the holidays and see what’s options exists.

    I never had this issue until I switch my phone company to fizz for last two decades. From Japanese mobile phone number I can receive the text but not even respond is possible.

    thank you for your support.


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