SOLVED - Call dropping OR audio silence OR audio garbled

Works for me at least: use 3G only. Also called WCDMA. This will disable LTE which seems to not work on some phones for unknown reasons that even Fizz's technician cannot answer.

I can use "LTE/3G/2G" on my old LG G6 and on my old Samsung A52 just fine. No problem. However, it doesn't work on my new Samsung A53, else I have call dropping, poor audio quality and sounds being muted randomly.

A videotron SIM card in my new Samsung A53 works just fine when selecting "LTE/3G/2G" so my phone is not in problem.

I know Fizz will roll out VoLTE in 2023 but I don't think that explain why some phones can have LTE turned ON without a problem. Maybe the new Samsung A53 is different from other phones and pushing LTE over 3G and other phones is the reverse? That would be my best guess.

I'm a bit disappointed because since I'm using 3G only now, when I connect to the internet, it is slower than if I was using LTE. It's not really a problem because 3G is still kind of fast and I don't need it much. And maybe in the future in 2023, we will have better LTE support from Fizz which will fix this issue.

I'm a lot more disappointed in Fizz support. Sometimes takes days to receive an answer that doesn't solve anything. Have to repeat stuff I said before because they don't read. Answer the wrong things all the time. Ask useless questions. Kept closing the support ticket without even letting the customer close it. Just like the forum, they keep closing threads way too fast.

You get what you pay for I guess. I will stay being a Fizz customer because everything is working fine now and they are much cheaper than any other providers but cannot recommend it anymore unless someone really wants to save money :)

Kudos to the community on the forum, you are awesome and better than Fizz tech support. It's a good reason to stay with Fizz but most people aren't that knowledgeable or doesn't have the patience to deal with issues like that so better for them to use another company.

If the 3G solution doesn't work for you and also for references, here's some more threads about this issue, it helps to better troubleshoot:


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    Hi, thank you very much for your feedback to the forum subscribers. It is greatly appreciated and it encourages us to continue. Good afternoon!

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    Hi @Phil24

    I checked your profile and you are with Fizz from 2020, therefore, you are not supposed to be able to use the 4G and VoLTE for the calls, the phone should switch automatically to 3G when you are making a call. I don't have problems with my S21FE configured 4G/3G/2G.

    Moreover, your phone is also certified for Fizz's VoLTE.

    Probably you already tried all this, since the A53 it is a popular phone this should work, otherwise multiple people was suppose to report this problem.

    Do you have a problem in all the area or only in a specific one?

    Do you have the latest OS updated? Did you try to reset the network operator configuration?

    Sorry to ask, but I'm very intrigued.

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    The phone which should switch automatically to 3G makes sense and is my guess that it's the problem. Seems like my old phone LG G6 and Samsung A52 was switching to 3G only and also you S21FE but not my new A53.

    Other people reported my problem with the A53 but not a lot. There is, of course, a lot more people using the A53 and it seems to be fine. Weird.

    I only tried my phone in the same area so cannot say if it works better elsewhere. But at my place, other phones with LTE activated works just fine. Same with my old phones.

    Yes, I have the latest OS updates. And yes, I already tried to reset the network and tried multiple different APN configurations.

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    Hi, I ask you this question in turn. I don't know if another subscriber has already made this suggestion to you.

    Have you tried a Fizz partner network, FizzExt for a while?

    In some cases this solved some cut-off problems or other call difficulties.

    If you use a partner network, it is preferable to use Fizz's network parameters (APN) and not Videotron's.

    You probably know that it is important to come back to Fizz; unfortunately it does not allow to use a partner network for a long period or mainly.

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    I better answer right now else Fizz will close this thread too fast which is a problem.

    No, that is one thing I haven't tried, using the Fizz EXT partner's network. But like you said, Fizz don't allow you to use Fizz EXT for too long. I don't understand why I would even consider using it. If you are in a pinch, yes, for sure. But I am not.

    In any case, it is something you do not suggest because Fizz EXT is NOT Fizz's network. Fizz doesn't like it and do not recommend it. I guess, unless Fizz's network is down you can use it. Else do not.

    Let me know if I'm missing something, but recommending a Fizz customer to use Fizz EXT is bad advice.

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    Fizz subscribers use partner networks when they are outside their subscription area, whether in Quebec or elsewhere.

    In some cases, it fixed some call issues using FizzExt and then reverting to the Fizz network after a while.

    Any subscriber can use a partner network as long as he does not do so on a majority basis. Fizz allows up to 3 payment cycles before blocking access, which leaves a good margin of use if it is occasional.

    As a subscriber to this forum, I am not suggesting anything wrong or illegal. I often look in other posts for suggestions that worked well and in the help pages on the website. It was just a troubleshooting idea :).

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    For sure, it could be an interesting thing to try FIZZ EXT. I don't know what network that FIZZ EXT would give because I never tried but if it would be Videotron, then I'm sure it would have worked just fine because a Videotron's SIM card in my phone works just fine :)

    Fizz's support never ever, not even once, suggested to use FIZZ EXT. Actually, when I think about it, they NEVER suggested anything. They just ask questions and close your ticket.

    Note that the coverage map of Fizz which is here:

    Clearly shows I am covered in Montreal, so not the issue. I am not outside Quebec.

    Anyway, one of the post I did a year older where I had the SAME EXACT ISSUE with the Samsung A52 that I posted, maybe I did configured FIZZ EXT back and forth and the issue went away. Really, maybe you are on to something when suggesting to go with FIZZ EXT back and forth. If anyone has this issue, might be something worth a try!

    I should even try but I'm at the end of my rope here. It's working in 3G only and things has to move forward. I've been stuck in this problem for 2 weeks with no help from Fizz.

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    You've got to be kidding me...

    I'm in 3G only and it's been stable for a week and now today the problem is back.

    Well, I will try FIZZ EXT now back and forth like discussed. I probably won't be able to reply here since Fizz will close this thread very soon.

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    You seem to be someone who wants to understand what's going on, and how things work, which are great attitudes. Have you even tried Network SIGNAL Info app (from PlayStore)?

    You will see what frequency bands your phone connects to when you are connected to Fizz or FizzExt, when you are outdoors or indoors, when you are in the basement, when you are making a call...You will learn that phones don't connect the same way, and don't work as well as other phones because they are not connecting the same way.

    Keep on going, and have fun!

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    Hi ah727, you're totally right, I like to understand what's going on but even more important, I would like a mobile phone service that just work. Now, it is not since October 31.

    Check out the second link I provided and scroll down. Someone else already suggested the application Network Signal Info, and it's really great. I'm repeating myself but I know it's a long story with multiple threads because Fizz keep closing threads all the time and the issue is never solved. That second link, at the bottom will bring you to a screenshot of Network Signal Info, here's the link again:

    What does it show? At the left, my old LG G6 with no problem (same location) and at the right, my new Samsung A53 with the drop call audio problem, however, both shows the same signal strength if I am not mistaken. Again, a proof that my phone is not in problem.

    As for indoors / outdoors / basement, this doesn't apply in my case. I'm always near the big back door patio on my phone call. There is no exception, no garage or something else. No problem with the reception for the past 10 years and I'm downtown Montreal. I'm not on a farm or countryside or whatever.

    I've just switched a few hours ago to Fizz EXT, so I am using an external network that is not part of Fizz. We will see how this turns out. Fizz's support never suggested it but I am doing it.

    I've also raised this issue to Fizz again in a ticket, today, which is hard to do because you cannot open a ticket on their website, you need to chat with them so they can open a ticket and they can close it at any time without your consent.

    p.s. watch out, this thread is going to close tomorrow or in 2 days from now, whatever happens, I will make a new thread with a resolution / solution with the same title