How to gain points?


I was wondering how to get more points. How can we gain points on the community hub or on the site?

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  • grind the forums and keep paying for a plan

  • Yup the best way it to be a long time customer!

  • So just by being active on the forum I will earn point? That's pretty cool.

  • good to know, thanks

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    Lets go apprentices !!!

    We need points ;)

  • After being with fizz since the begining, I just clicked to reveal my referal code and actually got point for this! Didn't know. Easy point.

  • I'm curious to know what kind of bonuses you can get out of all this - I feel like I read somewhere that people get up to what, $7 off their monthly plans? After quite a bit of work of course.

  • Merci davoir mis les point quon peut gagner ... jetais justement curieuse de le savoir :)

  • Merci pour le nombres de points! ca montre qu'il y a bcp de travai la faire pour monter de niveau -.-

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    Is it worth it to grind it out to get to level 5 (currently 4) or just wait it out?

  • Me I wait for each bill to pass, but I also like to comment to help people on the forum.

  • SquikyBird
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    Partipate on the forum can help to give a boost.

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    i wish participating in the forum would give more points haba

  • EtienneB
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    Sur Fizz, il existe plusieurs façons de gagner des points pour les utilisateurs, voici quelques exemples :

    • Parrainer des amis : Les utilisateurs peuvent gagner des points en invitant leurs amis à s’inscrire à Fizz en utilisant un lien de parrainage. Les points gagnés dépendent de la formule choisie par l’utilisateur.
    • Faire des achats : Les utilisateurs peuvent gagner des points en achetant des services ou des produits sur le site de Fizz.
    • Participer à des jeux concours ou des sondages : Fizz peut organiser des concours ou des sondages pour les utilisateurs sur les réseaux sociaux ou sur leur site web, les utilisateurs peuvent gagner des points en y participant.
    • Utiliser des codes de réduction : Les utilisateurs peuvent gagner des points en utilisant des codes de réduction sur le site Fizz lors de leurs achats.

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    thank u for the info!!

  • EtienneB
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    On Fizz, there are several ways for users to earn points, here are some examples:

    Refer friends: Users can earn points by inviting their friends to join Fizz using a referral link. The points earned depend on the plan chosen by the user.

    Make purchases: Users can earn points by purchasing services or products on the Fizz site.

    Participate in contests or surveys: Fizz can organize contests or surveys for users on social networks or on their website, users can earn points by participating.

    Use discount codes: Users can earn points by using discount codes on the Fizz site when making purchases.

  • Just keep commenting, posting questions, having the best answer for other questions, etc. :)

  • Fei
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    Participation and time is the only way.

  • just being active will earn point? Do we need to keep commenting or answering questions?

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    good to know, thanks

  • Ninmow
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    Be active. Answer questions. It'll add up.

  • Faelirya
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    Just be active on the forum !

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  • FizzyFizz JQMPM
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    Be active on the community and try earning as many badges as you can!

  • Honestly, I think the best way is just to let your plan do the magic... 3 points for each answers is not a lot of point for a lot of work. Just waiting for the points to build-up after every paiement of your monthly plans is the easiest way to get there. 🙂

  • Derr
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    Unless you have a very expensive plan, not sure about that…

  • FizzyFizz JQMPM
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    If you are very active and answer a lot you can earn point also with best answer and if you are the most active user of the day/week/month. It's not just about the 3 points per answer...

    Having an expensive plan certainly helps

  • Derr
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    I’m thinking the same thing

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    One way that most people don't know is if you add friends in fizz account you can get points too, but so far comments on forums is the best way