Is Fizz Tor friendly?

Brian H.
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As the title says, is Fizz Tor friendly? Can I run a Tor relay or exit node? Would I get cutoff?

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    Hello @Brian H,

    Thank you for posting your question!

    We cannot guarantee that Fizz is Tor-friendly. For any routing/VPN software/website questions, it's best to contact them directly.

    We remain at your disposal for anything else!

    Have a good one.



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    @Brian H.

    Hi Brian, since nobody answered you, I'll give you an idea. You mean the DarkWeb when you talk about the Tor network? Do you want to use the Tor Browser?

    « The exit relay is the final relay in a Tor circuit, the one that sends traffic out to its destination. The services Tor clients are connecting to (website, chat service, email provider, etc) will see the IP address of the exit relay instead of the real IP address of the Tor user. »

    Is this possible with Fizz or can Fizz allow it? To do things properly and not have any problems afterwards, the best thing would be to contact customer service who could give you the exact time. Go to this page:

    and simply scroll down until you see the green bubble with a question mark, to your right, click on it and then another click. You can chat with support. Chat is the faster way.

    You can also use Facebook:

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