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Currently in Myrtle Beach for all of October. During my 3rd week I started to be able to make calls but it has stopped. Seems though I can receive calls. Also texting works.

Anyone else experience USA issues?

note: Have VOLTE sim

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    Hi, you are privileged because calls and texts are not possible in the USA since July 2022.

    "As of July 2022, if you are travelling in the United States... only the LTE network is available. Calling or receiving calls and texts is not possible, including 911 calls, even if you are using a VoLTE compatible phone, activated with a VoLTE compatible SIM card. When Fizz will offer VoLTE on its own network, this situation will be resolved."

    It is possible to use your data because some applications allow you to receive and send calls and text messages:  "WhatsApp, Google Duo, Facetime and Messenger. These apps use data and do not require voice coverage."


    A Fizz subscriber familiar with US mobile networks posted alternatives and solutions using a partner network, T-Mobile.

    Going down South soon? Learn how to manage your Android phone networks in the United States

    Hope this information can help.


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    You must connect to T-Mobile in order to make calls. If you are connected to AT&T, data will work, but not calls. Set Network operator to T-Mobile and don't toggle on Select Automatically.

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