Will Android 12 work "smoothly" on "older" phone ?

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i do have a Samsung Galaxy A12 with 3 Go RAM, 32 Go storage, running Android 11.

everything works fine

got a notification to download and install Android 12

i"m afraid the new version may dramatically slow down my phone.

so i did some research on android official source: https://source.android.com/docs/compatibility/12/android-12-cdd

got this :

" If Handheld device implementations include greater than or equal to 2GB and less than 4GB of memory available to the kernel and userspace, they:

  • [7.6.1/H-SR-1] Are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to support only 32-bit userspace (both apps and system code) "

so i may skip this version....somebody has installed android 12 on "older" but approved phone ?

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  • Mamie
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    You could try asking your question on Facebook too?

    There are many subscribers who follow the threads: https://www.facebook.com/fizzca

  • Andrei_ref_R7VK1
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    Try always to be up to date. I mean if upgrade is available do it.

  • kingTheod
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    thx but..i dont have facebook ( i dont want this spyware on my phone or laptop...)

  • Alexsolo
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    Have you gone through with the update?

    Curious to see if there's any effect (if any), but I doubt that to be the case.

  • J D. #792
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    I would upgrade to the latest as many said, for security update specially. I think it should be no problem for the compatibility since you are getting a notification of update on the phone itself. Samsung won't push an update out if there is any major issue.

  • kingTheod
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    no updated yet !

    trying to get feedback and experiences from someone...

    but i will go thru anyway in couple of weeks.

    i usually took time before jumping on upgrade or update...except for critical security patches

    why ? i dont want to be part of beta-testers, you know be the scapegoat ! (very common in MS Windows world)

    will do it and get you informed whether my phone become useless, bulky or still remain alive...

    thx folks 😎

  • kingTheod
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    did the update.

    no issues. everything works fine. android 12 didnt really slow down my phone.

    also got new septembre 2022 security updates.


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