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Hi Fizz Community,

I will be travelling to the US for a month (within one month billing cycle) and I would like to have access to calls, and data. I currently have a Quebec-only plan and I know that only data can be used in the US, if I purchase a Canada+US plan.

My question is, if there is data remaining, after my trip, and I change my plan back to the Quebec -only plan, will the extra data get transferred ?

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    It's been a long time since I haven't changed my plans, but I believe that at least 5 days before the end of your current Quebec plan, you have to subscribe to the Canada plan and the Canada + USA plan. Your current unused data and unlimited calls and text messages, as well as your new monthly data, calls and text messages can be used in the USA. Any unused data, calls, and text messages in the USA will be carried over to the next month. If you want cancel your Canada + USA plan, you must do it at least 5 days before the end of your billing cycle, otherwise it will be renewed automatically for another billing cycle.

    Take note that there may be issues with calls and messages as VoLTE has not been launched yet.


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