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My month just started and as I re-subscribed to apple music this morning it downloaded all my music back... ON THE LTE...

So now i'm screwed... Fizz are selling their data kind of overpriced so I was wondering if someone would have the decency to help a bud out a bit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Well i'm throwing this in the air, one can only hope !

Thank you all 😊

I've attached some pictures for the non believers.


  • TopFizz
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    lol I'm sorry to hear about your missadventure. Plenty of people are here to help! We just need your referal code to get started :)

  • macsimore
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    Hey I'm sorry i did not know i'm new here aha here it is :



  • AlainC
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    Heck, I feel for you.

    This is why I always double check for Wi-Fi connectivity before big downloads 😱. But errors happen!

    Best of luck with your search.

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    I know the feeling. My computer once downloaded a bunch of updates while connected to my cell phone hotspot. That was not a fun month!

    I've sent 1GB your way. It's not a lot, but at least it's something! Hopefullly someone else can help out more.

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    Brother you just made my day ! Aha, I truly appreciate your concern on there and I wish you have a wonderful evening ! It’ll certainly help ! God bless your soulπŸ‘Ό

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    Thank you Suzane !!!

    Not sure where you at, but just received this so thanks if you see the message :)

    I wish you a wonderful day Mme !!!

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    My pleasure and have a nice day!

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